How it works 

This quick video shows the key features and benefits of the STYLPRO Expert and why it's rapidly become a must have for all Professional Makeup artists and makeup lovers. 



STYLPRO Expert vs Foundation, Powder and 8 small brushes 

In this longer video, inventor Tom goes into the full details about how the STYLPRO works. The demo includes a foundation brush using cleanser, a large natural hair powder brush using soap and water and 8 small brushes with lipstick and eye shadow.

What's new?

Tritan™ tip to empty bowl - Unique, easy to empty 'tipping’ bowl, removes the need to empty the bowl between each brush. Clean your brushes wherever and whenever you need. No sink required. The tipping bowl allows up to 12 brushes to be washed, before it requires emptying, saving valuable time and effort. 


Multi-brush Collar - Clean and dry up to 8 small brushes at once, saving valuable time.


Digital two speed device - Dual speed, dual function device to suit different brush sizes and types. Press once for small or delicate natural hair brushes, twice for bigger brushes. No more guessing when brushes are clean and dry, digital device automatically times and indicates each step of the process. Device also includes integrated spindle for greater convenience. 


10 quick release collars - New collars have grooves, which makes attaching and removing collars from any brush type extremely easy. The collars also come in new sizes, sizes better suited to professional brushes. There are also two UNIVERSAL, star looking collars which fit 95% of brushes tested.


Works with both synthetic and natural hair brushes - The STYLPRO can wash and dry both natural and synthetic hair brushes, leaving them dry and ready to use straight away.

Use any cleanser or soap and water - For brushes that have been used with powder based brushes, we recommend using liquid soap and water, for any oil based, (foundation, lip stick) brushes, we recommend using 10ml STYLPRO cleanser, without diluting or a cleanser of your choice. 

STYLPRO Expert Benefits video (0:33s)